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Kavita Pattani - Top 15


My guilty pleasure entails dancing. I try to find time to dance any day of the week. I am more than willing to give up precious sleep hours to be able to go to dance rehearsals. For me dancing brings my soul to life. I dance because I love it, not to always be competitive, but because it brings me happiness. I find opportunities to join classes, competitions, and free style dancing whenever I can.

I truly love to cook. I enjoy cooking for all sorts of events. I cook for 200 300 people at a time with a minimum of 12-13 dishes. My favorite cuisine to cook is Indian. I also enjoy cooking Italian and Mexican foods. My father is an amazing cook and I was fortunate to be able to assist him since childhood and get comfortable in managing large volumes of food while maintaining quality.

Although I love all vibrant colors, my favorite color is fuchsia. I feel it is very feminine and it is beautiful and lively. Being surrounded by four boys and my husband and growing up with all brothers, I needed some shades of pink in my life. Also being in a male dominated field of surgery fuchsia is definitely refreshing. I for sure gravitate towards the color whenever possible.

My favorite outdoor activity is playing beach volleyball. I find that this allows me to enjoy the beach and the beautiful weather as well as get a wonderful workout in. I feel beach volleyball is a sport that requires a team effort and can be loads of fun! Coordination, strength, and agility are a plus to have but a fun group of people to play with is a must.

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