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Jessica Bahmuller


My guilty pleasure is knowing the impact I am making in my childrens lives, just as my mother and 4-H leader did for me. My parents made sure my 6 siblings and I knew the importance of faith, family and community involvement. Now, 30 years later I find so much joy in knowing that I am making the same impact in my childrens lives and my community.

When I meet someone new they find it hard to believe that I grew up on a farm, actually more like a funny farm. Aside from our family business, my parents had a hobby farm with about every animal you could think of. You name it we had it: mountain lions, tigers, bears, flying squirrels and yes, even a skunk! I am thankful for the opportunity to learn the responsibilities involved in agriculture.

I love yellow because, for me, yellow symbolizes freedom. Every time I see a yellow ribbon I am reminded of the 365 days spent away from my husband and of the sacrifices our military and their families make to assure our American freedom. Freedom may be won in battle, but it is maintained by each and every one of us.

My family and I love to camp! Our favorite place is the Buryanek campground along the Missouri River. Camping is a relaxing time when we can enjoy natures beautiful scenery and the running water. Camping is a time when we can be free, creative, and enjoy fishing, boating and playing baseball. I even taught my daughter to bait her own hook! We end every night by sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows and making Smores.

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