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Dana Boutwell - Top 15


Handbags are my guilty pleasure. I must confess, I love them and I have a closet full to coordinate with my outfits. Although it's not an necessity, I feel like it's important for women to find things that make them feel beautiful and confident! You know what they say, "Behind every successful woman is a fabulous handbag."

Most people would never guess that I went through infertility. I am a proud mom of four happy, healthy, and handsome boys, but it was not an easy journey. My husband and I were anxious to become parents. It tested our faith and taught us to surrender our fears and desires to God. After a year of numerous tests and being diagnosed with a hypothyroid condition, God blessed us with children. I am so grateful!

Gold is my favorite color because it represents Childhood Cancer Awareness Month each September. When I see the color gold, it reminds me of all the warriors battling cancer today and it motivates me to fight for our children. My goal is to raise awareness about the need for more funding for childhood cancer research so every person will be inspired to get involved and make a difference when they see the color gold!

My favorite outdoor activity is boating with my family. We love being on the water. Sometimes we just cruise around and admire God's beauty. Other times we are fishing, water skiing, or making huge waves so our boys can enjoy a good ride on the tube! Regardless of how we spend our time on the boat, we are making precious memories together.

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