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Raya Luelai


The five main precepts of Buddhism are: 1) Abstain from killing, 2) Abstain from stealing, 3) Avoid sexual misconduct, 4) Abstain from false speech, and 5) Abstain from alcohol. My guilty pleasure pertains to Precept 4. Following a strong earthquake (Richter 6.1), I found my son hiding in fear. To comfort him and avoid creating more anxiety, I lied about the facts and danger we were experiencing. This was my pleasure, my Loving Guilt.

I am the owner of my own business and brand --RAYA's Ladies Handbags. Many shop owners need help with business strategies; and I always have a plan for them and see strategies to match their situation. They are often shocked, however, to learn that I am happy to get involved, to help them personally, and to provide training at no cost. I enjoy openly sharing my knowledge for the benefit of everyone.

My favorite color is Rainbow! Simply stated, all colors are beautiful, but while one color is beautiful in one place it may not be appropriate in another setting. Just like life, we need to know how to handle ourselves in the right time and right place, suitable for the situation. PS - If I must choose one color, it would be Light Blue because it conveys to me freedom and a natural, comforting, relaxing energy.

I like many outdoor activities, such as walking, running, biking, etc. But if I have to choose one, it would be swimming. Since learning I would come to this precious event, my kids encouraged me to do a lot swimming to keep fit and trim. Also, in this activity, I have my family with me in the pool, relaxing around the pool, and poolside lunches serving healthy vegetarian selections. It's high value time with family.

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