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Priscilla Pruitt - Mrs International 2016


I would have to say...Staying up late and watching movies as a family, would be my favorite guilty pleasure! We love to have family, movie, marathons nights. Where we watch all the Back To the Futures, or the Star Wars trilogies, or The Lord Of The Rings trilogy ...It's an absolute blast to stay up extra late and just veg, eating things we shouldn't be eating before bed, snuggling, and just enjoying one another.

I'm a huge girly-girl/nerd. I love all things sci-fi: movies, tv-shows, comic books, super heroes...It's pretty bad, in a GREAT way cause it makes for a really cool, boy mom! On the other hand, I'm a total girly-girl. I can quote and sing along to all Disney movies, love all-things girly: make up, nail polish, hair bows, tutus...You name it! So it makes for a good, girl mom as well!

Red... Love it for the big reasons like: red is the very first color (other than black and white) that our eyes are able to see as infants, its the color of our hearts, its the color of love ( a major part of my platform). And for the little reasons: I enjoy decorating with red, wearing red lipstick, nail polish, I love red flowers, cars; and lastly, it's the color of my birth stone.

We love riding our bikes through the Black Hills National forest as a family. It's so peaceful, and breathtakingly, beautiful. Very mountainesque, and all woodsy. Unfortunately, WY weather doesn't always permit it, so when we are able to go, it's a really big deal! Although, it's funny sight to see...We look like our own "triathlon" riding with our family of eight. Just imagine seeing a family on eight individual bikes, its pretty cute!

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