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Joanne De Laat


The Spa of course. I truly enjoy the time I spend in the spa. It is a time for me to indulge myself in self-care and total rest. I am often faced with the pressures of my profession and stresses of the day-to-day activities. The spa affords me the time to relax and care for myself.

I have always been perceived by my contemporaries as a strong and capable woman. Many have come to me for guidance and advice as a result. Much of what I am today is due to adversity when I was young; losing my Father at an an early age. However, I often find the more sensitive side of myself influencing my every thought and action.

Red of course because it represents an excitement just by looking at it. Red says something is going on here, it brings a sense of urgency. It expresses my determination in life and makes me feel like every step I can find the power and ability to cause an action. It also evokes my more sensual and loving side as well grounding all my energy with love and passion.

I love most outdoor activities, but perhaps most the quiet time with nature. I look at all of Gods creations and see how each living thing is in balance. The sound of rushing water. Even the gentle fall of the first snow has a calm and peaceful manner. How can you describe the beauty of autumn leaves or the freshness in the air? For me it is all about nature.

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