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Tamara Thornell - People's Choice Winner


My guilty pleasure is a pizookie which is a large warm chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Often times my husband, children, and I cook together, especially when dessert is on the menu. We make the cookie dough and bake it in individual- sized skillets. We enjoy eating it as the ice cream melts. Delicious! If you want an indulgent treat, I recommend a pizookie!

Everyone who knows me knows that I was an elementary bilingual teacher for ten years, I currently teach second grade, and I enjoy volunteering to teach Spanish. They know that my passion is promoting childhood literacy by reading to children and giving books to children who need them. So, something someone may not guess about me is that in college I majored in Mathematics and I have a Masters in Educational Technology. Surprise!

My favorite color is burgundy. Burgundy is a beautiful, rich, dark, purplish, red color. I have always loved the warm feeling that burgundy gives me. I enjoy seeing the color burgundy in the middle of a star gazer lily or in dried roses. Burgundy was the accent color of our wedding nineteen years ago and can now be found throughout our house and in my wardrobe.

My favorite outdoor activity is running because I can run by myself or with anyone who would like to join me. When I run alone, I organize my thoughts, talk to God, or listen to music. When I run with one of my children or a friend, we spend that time talking and getting to know each other better. When I run with a group or my family, we often laugh while we run together.

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