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Ashley Rae Klinger - Top 15


If caramel or coconut iced coffee and chocolate can be considered guilty pleasures, then those are definitely mine! I love iced coffee, especially when Im traveling. And I love Peanut M&Ms, especially in my popcorn when I go to a movie or watch one at home! Oh, and I love the TV series, Swamp People! Does that count?!

Most people would never guess that I love snowmobiling! Yes, thats right, snowmobiling! And Im not just talking about a slow joy ride. I love going fast, and I like rides that are challenging. Ok, within reason! And safety first, of course! I always wear a helmet and ride smart, but I definitely love the thrill! Oh yeah, and Im deathly afraid of sharks and alligators, yet oddly fascinated by them at the same time!

I love the color Red! So much so that its the color I wear quite often when I speak because I feel like I exude passion, and it helps me feel confident, strong and energized, especially in situations where I might be nervous initially. When I work, it helps me feel more creative, so Ive painted one of my office walls Red and my business logo is even Red!

Depends on the season! Winter, yep, snowmobiling! Summer, which can be short-lived in North Dakota, I like walks with my Hubby and puppy, running, working in the yard, grilling with friends and family, watching baseball (Go Twins), or just spending time at the lake out on the water, by the fire, fishing, playing beanbags or relaxing in the hammock with a book.

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