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Eleni Nicozisis


I love watching American Movie Classics featuring legendary actors like Cary Grant, Rock Hudson and Doris Day. As a child, some of my most vivid memories are watching classic movies with my parents. We would often enjoy spending this time as a family and now I have the pleasure of doing this with my own three children. I love these movies as they create memories for my family that will last a lifetime.

I was the first person in my family to obtain a college degree and a masters degree. While English was not my first language, what I am most proud of and inspired by is the fact that my mother took classes to learn English so that she could teach me. I hope to inspire my three children in what I do daily as my mother has inspired me through the years.

Purple means so many things to me. Not only is it a regal and strong color, it can also be a delicate color. It is a color that embodies so many characteristics for me like strength and compassion. It is the color that reminds me of my father and his struggle with Alzheimers. It is bright and uplifting, and when I wear it, it evokes an inner power and strong memories.

Our favorite outdoor activity is going to the beach as a family. Whether it is the New Jersey shore or the many international beaches that we travel to each year, my children love collecting sea shells from these wonderful trips. We have a collection of sea shells from our travels and we love retelling stories from these family experiences. These are the type of memories that build a strong family foundation.

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