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Melissa Novaco


Being a mom of two and a full time employee, I dont get a lot of down time or time in front of the television. Whenever I get the chance, I love watching French or Spanish films. It is a great way for me to relax while practicing my Spanish and French language skills. Reading the subtitles gets my brain working and energized.

I grew up spending most of my time with my paternal grandmother. She spoke to me only in Italian. I went to kindergarten speaking English with an Italian accent! After she passed away I moved to another town. I lost the accent and the ability to speak the language. However, I can still understand and read Italian pretty well!

If I were answering this question two year ago, I would have immediately said PINK. Although I still like the color pink, my favorite color is blue. I did not even realize this until we renovated my entire house. By the end of the renovation every wall, tile, fixture and item of dcor was some shade of blue and gray. Its such a bright clean color. It makes me think of endless possibilities.

I live 10 minutes outside of Boston. My favorite activity is what my husband and I like to call A Walk-About. We like to spend Sundays walking around the city people watching and enjoy Bostons public parks. The Boston Common is a wonderful place to have a picnic. In the winter there is a public ice skating rink and in the summer the rink transforms into a childrens splash park and wadding pool.

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