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Irene Didinsky


After work and family activities, my guilty pleasure is to relax in our whirlpool. It is a special place that my husband built for us from ground zero. To make the experience special, I use aroma candles, bath foam and salts. My favorite scent is eucalyptus as it reminds me of the evergreen trees in Urals, where I grew up. And as a nature lover, I listen to the sounds of nature music.

I completed half of a PhD in physics of metals. I learned how to weld, as it helped with lab experiments. As part of my research, I grew artificial diamonds. And I have to say, they are not as pretty as the natural ones. I didnt complete the PhD as I received an invitation to come to the US to get an MBA. It was a unique opportunity which Im glad I took advantage of.

My favorite color is green. It is a color of life and nature. Im an outdoor person who loves hiking, biking and nature walks. I enjoy the smells and sounds of the forests. I like to look at the flowers, leaves and vegetation. Greenery gives me a feeling of peace and quiet. It also reminds me of the most important thing we all can do, preserve our beautiful planet for the generations to come.

My favorite outdoor activity is hiking. It connects many things that I like including a physical challenge, a companionship, and an opportunity to be in the nature and admire it. My husband and our two sons frequently join me on the local hikes in the Great Falls, MD. We also hiked the Yosemite Park in California. And in August 2015, my oldest son and I hiked the Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe.

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