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Mikell Reed Carroll


As the wife of a diplomat my guilty pleasure is definitely online shopping! So far we have been posted to Nicaragua and Vietnam, where I often had to shop online for essentials that could not be found in local stores. Though shopping online started as a necessity, it has become a guilty pleasure and you can now find me shopping for non-essential items such as shoes and make-up.

Most people would never guess that I struggled with poverty throughout my childhood. I was born the oldest of five children, raised by a single mother in a small town. In order to escape poverty I turned to education and became the first member of my family to attend college. I then went on to law school. I funded my entire education myself by obtaining scholarships, grants, student loans and by working several jobs.

My favorite color is red! Red is not only a bold, sexy color, it's also the official color of my platform, the Prevention of Heart Disease in Women and the Go Red for Women campaign! I wear red often to spotlight my platform, so often in fact I have been nicknamed the Lady in Red by friends and family. Look for me wearing red throughout the Mrs. International competition to bring awareness to my platform.

Since heart disease runs in my family, health and fitness are very important to me. One of my favorite outdoor activities is walking! I walk everywhere! I walk by myself, with my family and with my friends and co-workers! Walking is a simple way to stay fit and healthy and I used walking to help lose over 45 pounds and get healthy and fit again after having my son.

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