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Sayuri Shirao VR


Well.. my guilty pleasure is Midnight Secret Chocolate. I always tell my children, "No sweets before bed!" so I have to keep it really secret to them! So I hide and store my chocolate in the very back of fridge where no one could ever find. When I wake up for my Midnight Secret Chocolate, of course I feel guilty to my children but I still enjoy the pleasure despite feeling guilty!

Amazingly my body size has never changed over the past 25 years even after having two babies! So I still wear the same size clothes as before having children. And believe it or not, I eat more than my husband although I'm a petite Japanese women who fits a size XS and my husband is American man who wears a size XL. People always surprise how much I eat and how I keep my shape.

Pink has been always my most favorite color. Pink is a combination of red and white. The love and passion of red softened with the innocence and purity and of white. And pink is a symbol of Femininity and Sweetness, and it has a sense of Warmness and Love. So all my baby girl's closet is filled with pink, and both my daughter and I are pink lovers.

I enjoy many different types of ocean sports & beach activities. On the weekends, we usually go to the beach with my husband and children and have some fun. We enjoy swimming in the ocean, walking on the beach, beach yoga, body-boarding, standup paddles, and camping. Lately, I enjoy my outdoor activities around sunset rather than daytime because I feel more relaxed and I love the serene feeling of beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

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