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Rosanne Plante


My pleasure is planting flowers for display on my acreage. The new favorites are the hill of wildflowers cultivated in 2015. A multitude of bees could be heard buzzing around the blooms all summer. The flowers also address a pressing global problem. Bees have experienced recent and rapid population loss in the United States. If new habitats are not provided, there may not be enough honeybees to meet the future pollination demands for valuable crops.

People are very surprised to see my personality change to an assertive trial attorney when I appear in a court hearing. I am a traditionally trained trial advocate, and am all business when I am an officer of the court. My warm and welcoming personality is replaced with strict adherence to court rules and procedures. I am also 100% focused on being a zealous advocate for my client, while also maintaining professionalism.

Pink is my favorite color for so many reasons. This color stands for unconditional love and understanding, and is associated with giving and receiving care. During a decade of care giving for two elderly grandparents and a great aunt, it took on special meaning for me. I used two shades of pink as my wedding colors because this color also related to and represented hope, respect, and admiration for my husband.

My favorite outdoor activity is gardening. I love it because I am a results-orientated individual. When I see progress and the completion of a project, I am invigorated. Gardening also provides an amazing workout including cardio and strength training. Lastly, my husband and I enjoy planning and executing projects that others will enjoy on our acreage. We relish educating garden guests about our plants, vegetables, antique tractors and other attractions on our property.

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