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Tamika Jefferson


Shopping, shopping, shopping! I absolutely love clothes, purses and shoes, especially when I find them on sale. I love it so much my husband tries to put me on a budget. Yet, when Ive had a bad day, or Im upset about something hell say, Ill buy you something! and just like that everything will be better. Lets face it, retail therapy is actually therapeutic!

I was a two week over-due healthy 10 pound baby! Needless to say, my mom stopped at me! I also sing opera, which takes people by surprise. After my near death auto accident my mouth was wired shut for two months, but that didnt stop me. Once they were removed, with hard work and perseverance I was able to sing again!

Hands down, purple! Not only is it known for royalty, its a combination of the calm stability of blue, and the fierce energy of red. This describes my personality perfectly. Im sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive, and think of others before myself. On the other hand, I can be a burst of contagious energy and feisty when I need to be. Its just the right mix. How can you not love this color!

As long as bugs arent involved, I consider myself to be a very adventurous, out-going person eager to try new things. I love everything about the water, so any activity where I get to be in the water Im all in! From swimming with dolphins, jet skiing in the Atlantic Ocean to kayaking, snorkeling, swimming in caves, and scuba diving in the Caribbean Seas. Its hard to pick just one favorite!

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