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Lulu Orange


My guilty pleasure is anything and everything having to do with the 80's. From listening and dancing to the beat of Michael Jackson to copying the fashion trends of Madonna. I loved the diverse music - pop, rock, R&B and country during this era. I am a huge fan of the "Brat Pack" movies and films like Top Gun, Officer and a Gentleman which were not only entertaining, but humorous and romantic.

Some may be surprised to hear I was in ROTC for 3 years and held the position of Drill Sergeant. The ROTC was instrumental in giving me the structure, discipline and focus I needed to accomplish my personal objectives, goals, and aspirations. It allowed me to gain the confidence, leadership skills, and tools to feel personally fulfilled and successful in my everyday life.

My favorite color is Orange. Orange represents amusement, warmth, energy and exuberance. These are words that personify me. Orange is prevalent in Spring and Autumn seasons, two of my favorite times of year. Coincidentally, orange also happens to be my maiden name, having been passed down from generations beginning in France ultimately making its way to Haiti.

I love to jog! Jogging is aerobic endurance training and one of the ways I stay in shape. I usually jog around my neighborhood 3 times a day for about 45 minutes. Jogging is relaxing, clears my mind and allows me to disengage from everyday stressful situations. I come up with the best ideas when Im jogging. Many of the businesses I have created were generated during a jogging adventure.

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