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Roxanne Doyon


Being in the fitness industry, I have hundreds of people relying on me to lead them every day. I believe in leading by example, so I always give 100%. My guilty pleasure and personal reward is getting massages. Its amazing how the tension melts away and my body rejuvenates. Its important to take care of your body. Massages bring me into a relaxed state and leave me feeling healthy and ready for another day.

Something someone would never guess about me is that I am an International Champion in Taekwondo. I am completely passionate about martial arts. I may be small in size, but when it comes to competing, training, and teaching, I go all out! People used to laugh at me when I would say that one day I would get a Black Belt. Im proud to say that Im now a Fifth Degree Black-Belt and Instructor!

My favorite color is purple. Representing balance and good judgment, two of the most important elements of a happy life. Spiritual, mental and emotional balance create harmony. Purple, being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, is considered the ideal color. Purple is associated with magic mystery and royalty. Children often love the color purple without even realizing its profound meaning. It's no wonder that the color purple makes me happy!

My favorite activity is walking the beach with a family member. Theres no better time to reflect, share dreams and discuss plans and future goals. Its almost spiritual when walking on the sand, listening to the sound of the ocean, and connecting with a loved one. I cherish every beach walk. How much do I love the beach? My son even walked me down the aisle when I remarried on South Beach two years ago!

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