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Linda Mah


My ultimate favorite guilty pleasure is sharing melted buttered popcorn during a movie. Love when it's loaded with butter all over! It's a great way to immerse myself out of reality into a great story made up by a talented director. I love experiencing movies with intense action. The enjoyment and the thrill of how it excites your different senses, makes it worth leaving the real world for a couple of hours.

I worked as a security officer and as a correctional officer. It was difficult being a female in a males' world. I learned the job, I earned the respect, and I made lifelong friends. I was also diagnosed with Bells Palsy at the age of 17. I overcame this through acupuncture. These events in my life wasn't easy, but I wouldn't change it for anything, as it has made me who I am today.

My most favorite color is crimson red. This bright red color simply defines who I am. I am full of energy, enthusiastic, action packed and confident. Without compromising my values and beliefs, I will challenge myself to go ‎above and beyond to achieve my dreams. I am truly an entrepreneur and I am very passionate about life.

My favorite outdoor activity is zip lining. I have experienced this activity in Mexico and in the Philippines. I love this activity because you are able to see so much from so high. I have walked along a skyscraper to zip line from a 38 storey building in Cebu City. I really enjoy this activity because it gives me a great adrenaline‎ rush.

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