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Jessica Jackson - Top 15


Clich as it may be, I love chocolate. What kind you might ask? It does not matter because I am a chocolate connoisseur! (lol) The creamier, the crunchier, the nuttier, the better. I know you all are thinking everyone loves chocolate. I bet you did not realize that chocolate comes from a bean, which comes from a plant. Therefore, chocolate is a salad. So now we can all enjoy my guilty pleasure. You are welcome!

Upon meeting me, many would not know what hides beneath my stylish shoes. I love crazy, fun colored socks! You could consider this my collection movie themed, rainbow, holidays. You name the occasion, and I have a sock that would match it. What I love so much about crazy socks is that no matter how classy and elegant my shoes may look on the outside, I can throw a splash of fun on the inside.

I am drawn to royal blue for many reasons. It represents loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith, and intelligence. These attributes are everything that I want to be as a woman. This color is one that leaves a lasting impression and makes its mark. Being able to do that in this world is always something we strive for. Making a difference and hopefully leaving you with something to think about. Royal blue is my choice.

Being in control of a strong and beautiful animal, galloping through the course, and jumping obstacles to cross the finish line is how I show my athleticism. The hard work and hours of training in all types of weather has made me dedicated by participating in something comparable to a human triathlon. This is the discipline of eventing; a three-part competition including dressage, show jumping, and cross-country. I am an equestrian!

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