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Dr. Supatra Suvantanon - Go Red On-Line Winner


The warmth of the family provides strong motivation, guidance, and inspiration for me. I have enjoyed the total love of my husband and three children to always help me do my best and serve all. Merit comes from service. My entire family and I are proud to be able to participate in philanthropy. For my life, I have focused on serving, making merit, and loving and caring for all living things.

My children and I are very close. I love to listen, teach, and guide them, based on my lifes experiences. In Thai Tradition, eating together and sharing good food (including with others) draws us together. I enjoy seeing all young people grow, including through formal education, and the chance for my daughter to attend a Texas University. Family philosophy of life is: With limited time to live lets make our time high quality.

My extended family includes my personal business where we produce Buddha Statues (casting foundry) and operate a Furniture Showroom. These Buddha statues can be very large (often 3 meters and beautifully covered with 24ct gold leaf). Profits have enabled my family and I to support our peaceful, Thai-religious philosophy, and help people improve quality of thought and actions. Also, we seek opportunities to directly support orphaned children, people with disabilities, and women in need.

As I perform lifes duties, I always value and respect people as human beings all doing their best. Teams make sense to me. I respect teamwork, enjoy leading some teams, and participating on others. I have faith in the goodness of hard work, and believe that every work-product or innovation represents the success of the team. What I have today is a result of the kindness of friends, family, and good parents.

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