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Dr. Christine Blake - Top Ten


After four healthy children through a long and life-threatening battle with infertility, miracle baby number 5 entered our lives in 2013! Because of our challenges embarking on parenthood, we take our parenting role so seriously that in addition to raising our own, we have been foster parents three times. Our four who are in school are straight A students with multiple talents and huge, giving hearts.

We love to dance! Although I am a physician and owner of a dress store, Ive been a dancer and choreographer all of my life and my daughters share my passion for this. When I have a production to choreograph, our girls love to help me come up with creative moves (which often breaks into a whole lot of silliness, but we always get the job done)!

Even though we had absolutely nothing to give financially, my husband and I were each raised to live lives of service and we pass this important quality on to our children. Whether its promoting my platform, The American Heart Association, donating 150 dresses per year, teaching Sunday school, working with the homeless, or making every Birthday Party a fundraiser for the animal shelter, we give EVERY day, and it is the reason for our success.

Every man in my family and in my husbands family has served in the US Armed Forces or as a US Naval civilian employee. My mother and I have been members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxillary for 23 years. We believe our country and those who have served should be honored at the opening of every public event. All of our kids learn the National Anthem by the age of 5.

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