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Pearl Amoah

People's Choice Award


Mac-Diamond K.E. Nyamekor: the man God chose for me 8 years ago. There is one word i will use to describe my husband, "ME". Looking back at my past relationships, there couldn't have been any man on earth who would have stuck with me through thick and thin, to love me by pointing out my weaknesses and encouraging my strengths. Without him, i will not be the woman i am today.

My Husband Gave me a father: As a renowned attorney and man of God, my husband deals with natural and spiritual issues which requires my support when it comes to couples seeking devorce. It was during one of these occasions that he introduced me to a man who changed my life forever. The Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi of Glorious Wave Church International. He became the father, i was not privileged to have.

Eleme Li-Pearl Tehilel: My 5yr old princess is truly Gods gift to me and my husband. Eleme in my husbands dilect means "God is in it". She is so brilliant and sharp and is able to read situations at the age of 5 and knows when to exit, speak or make an imput. I call her "mommies' helper" and she loves it.

Emekor-shallom: Thats my boy! Emekor means "it is clear". Shalom is so remarkable cause he is the type that will not perform in class to the teachers expectation but is always first during exams. At the age of 3 and a half he is able to compose songs and has such wonderful voice. The father calls him the Winner, the Champion and the Conqueror!

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