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Sakurako Ito


My husband, Takashi, and I went to a same college. We did not know each other at that time, and we never spoke. 18 years after graduation, by total accident, we saw each other at a publishing event. Then a magic happened. We fell in love. We got engaged on our 3rd date. Now he is my wonderful husband and my best friend. We challenge each other to be the best in what we do.

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. After my graduating from college, I studied English in the United States for 1 year. After my return, I obtained my dream come true job which allowed me to farther explore the world. I joined a Hong Kong base airline as a flight attendant and moved to Hong Kong. Serving passengers in international flight, I learned valuable lessons to communicate people with different personality, culture, and ethnicity.

My husband, Takashi, played Ice Hockey. I am so proud that he once represented in the Japanese National team for a Hockey match in Canada. He is well traveled. He speaks English and Italian. He is diligent and always striving for excellence. At the same time, I love him for being a kind and generous person. Currently, he is working on a project to promote French cuisine in Japan and Japanese cuisine to the world.

My parents divorced when I was a child. My mother raised me all by herself. 10 years ago, I lost my beloved mother with a cancer. Since then, I realize the importance of healthy eating. I devoted myself to study how to make desserts which can be eating by people with diabetes, heart diseases, and food allergies. Disease prevention is my passion. Now, I host healthy desert cooking classes.

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