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Lee Pettyjohn


I grew up in a large family, with 12 siblings! My mother was an only child and decided that she wanted a full house--did she ever! Being the youngest of 13, 10 of which were boys, I was quite a tomboy growing up. I can vividly remember sporting some hand-me-downs from my brothers. As much as I love children, we won't be carrying on that tradition, two are plenty for the Pettyjohn household!

We home school our two children. As they've gotten older, the lesson plans and coursework has been challenging at times, but we find it to be one of the most rewarding experiences ever! Home school was intended to be temporary, for just one semester, but four and a half years later, this temporary schooling has turned into a long term reality for our family!

I have had several later in life experiences. After years of trying, I was told that I wouldnt be able to have children, but God had other plans, I had my first child at age 36! I competed in my first pageant at the age of 41. After finishing undergraduate school in 1988, I returned to further my education many years later, and received my Masters of Child Psychology in June 2013.

My husband and I met online, and had a long distance relationship. I certainly wasnt looking for a husband so soon, but after only 9 months of dating and traveling back and forth to Texas, he decided he couldnt live without me any longer (at least, thats what I tell myself!) Fourteen years and two incredible children later, we are still going strong!

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