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Wilda Hughley


When I worked for a grocery store in Haiti, there was one customer who would always try to speak French with me but his accent was so thick! He eventually told me he was American but one peculiar thing I noted was that he came in to purchase a single bag of ice EVERY afternoon at the same time I was working . Now, I know Haiti is hot, but the ice was puzzling.

This man now my husband - had the world's best pick-up line! He once asked me if I would like to know someone who loves me more than anyone. I told him, I don't know. Why don't you tell me? Well, his answer shocked me. He told me that it was JESUS CHRIST! Never had I found a man who placed God in the middle of our conversation. He was definitely different!

Being a wife and mother makes me more and more of the person I am today. We are blessed with 3 beautiful children, and I cannot imagine life without my family. Being married for 17 years, I can say my husband is my angel, my rock and my hero the man who said he only came to buy a bag of ice so that he could have the chance to see me each day!

My husband is a Pastor, and this has blessed us with opportunities to meet many people from many different walks of life. I have also been able to see the needs of the people in our community as well as in different areas of the USA, Haiti and Mexico, and I have learned how to use my gifts as a teacher to work in helping to meet these different needs.

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