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Sarah Jarvis


Our Miracle: My husband, Joe, and I always knew we wanted to have a child; however, we did not anticipate struggles with infertility. After three surgeries throughout my undergrad, we were nearly ready to give-up, but fate had other plans. On Father's Day of 2003, we learned we were expecting. Cameron's pregnancy was a challenge, but we fought to keep him, giving birth to a precious boy in February of 2004.

Family Built on Faith: My great-grandfather was an Episcopal missionary in China during the early 1900's. As a gift of honor, one of his parishioners made him a hand sown, silk, baptismal gown for his family. Since receiving this gift, my grandfather, father, uncle, self, brother, and my son have all been baptized in this same gown. This family tradition, built on faith and extended by friendship, has spanned four generations.

Halloween: As a way to promote a unique form of togetherness, fun, and to start our own family tradition, Halloween has become "our holiday." Literally every room, hallway, open space inside and out is decorated with "all things Halloween." This celebration is culminated with a festive party the night of Trick-or-Treat when all attendees arrive at our haunted house in costume! Our Halloween celebration has even made the local paper due to the attractions!

Trails: We are trail runners! Both, Joe and I run ultra 50k trail runs throughout the rugged, beautiful trails of West Virginia. We consider this a family affair! We co-direct two annual night trail races that are lit by glow sticks. Our son, Cameron, also participates at these events. As an eleven year old, he has completed several road races and a few trail runs! Our upcoming challenge is a 40 mile trail run!

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