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Tami Bailey


My husband Jonathan and truly my gift from God, is a United States Army Veteran. Hes deployed to Iraq twice and Afghanistan once. On March 25, 2010 he was wounded by an Improvised Explosive Device while on a mission with his company. That day has since changed our lives forever. We have now reached a point in our lives where as a family we are sharing our stories to help other veterans and veteran families.

As a volunteer with Project Cohort - Meeting an urgent need to support veterans mental health; and learning even more about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has enriched our lives to the fullest. Living in a home where PTSD is present has its challenges every day however; together and as a family we continue to encourage, educate and empower other veteran families through our story and the story of others we are blessed to meet along our journeys.

Our amazing daughter Caelon will be a senior in high school this fall. She is an avid reader and has read over 300 books, probably twice each, and aspires to one day be on the best sellers list. She enjoys volunteering as an Ignite Mentor and has been mentoring for 5 years. One of her passions and goals is to fill up multiple passports by being a world traveler; so far she has one filled.

Aaron, aka Moose, our son, is one of the most athletic 12 year olds we know. Hes played tackle football for 6 years including being recruited by Seattle Washingtons Football University 7th Grade Team last season. This year he has discovered he enjoys both basketball and baseball just as much as football, next year he is adding wrestling to his resume. He dreams of attending Stanford, LSU or Auburn University to play football.

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