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Cindy Eller


Im a rescue and a rescuer. Adopted even before birth, I call myself a Chosen child. My parents could not have children of their own and I am so very thankful it was in Gods plan to have been adopted into a loving, Christian home, instilled with Christian values I follow every day.

Rescuing souls to Christ: At the age of 7, I played the drums for a gospel band, called the Gospel Messengers. We traveled and ministered in many areas, traveling in a greyhound bus, performing in churches, civic centers, prisons, and mental hospitals, saving souls for Christ. It was at this early age I absorbed empathy and compassion for others.

At the age of 18, my heart was rescued by the most loving, caring, devoted man I know, my husband Russ, my Prince Charming. We met after high school graduation in Myrtle Beach, SC, June 3rd, 1984. I opened the door and there he stood, with an aura of light around him, like an angel. We will celebrate 31 years of wedded bliss on November 23, 2015. I am truly living the Cinderella story.

Im so blessed to have two of the most amazing children. Our daughter Megan, a 3rd grade teacher, I see true love and passion of teaching in her. Our son Tyler, a licensed commercial plumber, is very talented in his field. We have one granddaughter, Carly, she is the apple of my eye, and she is definitely a mini version of me, as she loves and cares for all animals and wearing high heel shoes.

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