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Ashleigh Ricciarelli


My immediate family includes my husband, Jesse; Stepson, Damian; twin daughters, Astella & Rhoswen; and our youngest son Steven. We do not have any pets of our own, but we love enjoying grandparents pets. We live in a three bedroom apartment with a great view over our city. We are currently hoping to move in the next couple of years to my hometown in Northfield where I hope to teach upon earning my degree.

My husband, Jesse is very hard working and is a great example of great work ethic for our children, with at least 40 hours a week. However, he knows how to let loose and have fun with the kids, He is a wonderful father and Husband, and even to this day I know I have won the lottery when it comes to the perfect husband for me, and father for our children. I adore him!

Our children are all so smart and love to learn! They enjoy being read to, and now that Damian is learning how to read even more he enjoys being able to read to everyone as well. It is a blessing to see our children have such the close bond they have, when they play and interact with each other. They are all (even our youngest son) very sweet, empathetic, and sympathetic, we are so blessed!

We attend New Life Community church every weekend in the town I grew up in, Northfield, Vermont. Our children enjoy singing worship. After I started dating my husband I invited him (nervous he would say no), and happily weve been a part of this beautiful and supporting church family ever since, as well as both were baptized at this church and our pastor married us. God is good!

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