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Cheryl Schrier


I bring passion, confidence and determination to all I do. Each career opportunity serving as training for the next, my nursing education eventually led me to executive healthcare sales and business management experiences. My current roles as Vice President of Building Control Systems & Services, Inc., President of the Atrium Condominium Association, Managing Member of 103 N State LLC and real estate investor are all rooted in my desire to always serve and excel.

My belief in case management and returning individuals to self-sufficiency led me to adopt the Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter as my corporate and family charity. Featured as a small business leader in local media during the Buck Up Bucks campaign that raised $282,000, together with my husband and daughter, I designed and we opened a new kitchen to serve 87,600 meals annually, including the Christmas breakfast we personally cook and serve every year.

My youngest daughter and I share not only a love of pageantry, but also a rare and unusual genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Through her scoliosis diagnosis at age 11, I learned that I was the source of her EDS, and also afflicted. Pivotal for both of us after years of being misconstrued, we finally understood our chronic pain, predisposition to injuries, and the supportive treatment we needed. Now we spread EDS Awareness.

Hearing the word “malignant” forever changed the complexion of life for me and my family when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2013. Blessed with a surgical cure, my story has empowered not only me and my family members, but also friends and strangers I meet, as I inspire them to do as I did and use passion, determination, love and humor as the tools to rebuild when facing life’s most difficult challenges.

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