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Shakelah Morgan - Top 15


Being a mentor for the YMCAs Reach & Rise Mentoring Program has allowed my family to become involved with an organization that provides services not only to our community but also to over 10,000 communities across the nation and 119 countries. We have built a relationship with our local YMCA and have traveled to many across the United States being involved in their programs for youth; helping build and encourage mentoring in every community.

Being a business owner for over 15 years I have opened several companies in Oregon: these organizations provide services to the communities that support family, education, health and beauty. Along side these organizations my husband and I have worked to create support groups for families that adopt children of different ethnic backgrounds, and provide them with resources and instruction they need to help their childs transition home as warm and welcoming as possible.

We have a large family; together my husband & I have 5 children, became foster parents to a 6th child and have three adult children from my husbands previous marriage; so when we attend any family function, sporting event or award ceremony we usually have the largest cheering section; though we all act embarrassed when its our turn to be acknowledged we all deep down know we would not want it any other way.

Giving back is important so once a month my daughter and I help young girls who have lost their hair to medical conditions by donating wigs, and hair extension services. We believe that every child should feel beautiful and sometimes getting your hair done or enhanced can make you forget about your medical issues and allow them to thrive on life and not focus on their illness, even if just for one day.

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