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Erin Bertel


I was raised by my dad, who wore braces from his shoulders to his ankles, and my grandmother. Growing up, I knew nothing about being a girly-girl and even less about being a pageant girl. Together, with my two older sisters and younger brother our family ways were different from other families but they were perfect for us. It was a time in my life that instilled perseverance, compassion and hope.

Growing up, my Dad didnt buy individual socks for each of us. He bought only grey, white or black tube socks and we shared them in a linen basket. A tube sock is a simple sock that has no heel, making is universal in size and in sex. Since becoming involved in The Joy Of Sox, I have encouraged tube sock donations and have distributed tube socks to infants and to grown adults.

Together with my husband of twelve years, John, we have four children in our home. Zach, Zach, McKenzie and Elizabeth, each child attends a different school. Through the past year each of the kids have organized and hosted sock drives at their schools that have collectively impacted thousands of lives of people that are experiencing homelessness.

My Dad taught me a set of three values in life that I live by and teach my children. There are three things in life that have true value. 1) Your time- this exact day once, so spend wisely. 2) Your attention- these days are filled easily with distractions, like cell phones and electronic devices. 3) Your opinion- the exchange of information is how we all learn and grow from each other.

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