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Kate Howe


I met my husband of nine years through my older brothers. It was definitely very awkward at first! Joe, my husband, even called my brothers to ask if it was ok to call me so cute!! Our first date was to the 2002 Miss Minnesota Pageant, he knew early on what he was in for . He brought me a red rose and was so nervousI knew then he was a keeper.

I have two little boys named Dominic and Lincoln. I strive every day to be the best mom I can they are the best thing that has ever happened to me. My husband and I took forever to figure out their names. Lincoln actually remained nameless for hours after he was born and we agreed on Dominic on the way to the hospital. You would think nine months would be long enough!

I come from an extremely close, giving family. Every year at Christmas, instead of gifts the adults donate to a charity of our choice. The charity rotates every year and is always based on someones passion and interest. This year we chose First Book, which is my platforms non-profit. We also host an annual golf tournament supporting the American Cancer Society. Our father passed away of cancer over ten years ago.

My three older brothers and I started life in a very small town with about 300 people. We had a gas station, post office andwell thats about it. The beautiful thing about a small town is that it creates strong family values because there really isnt anything else to do.

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