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Patricia Sandoz


We work together as a family at fundraising events to raise awareness for autism on behalf of our son. Its family time we enjoy together that we believe is great modeling for our son to help him understand the importance of giving back to the community and support those with challenges. Every milestone we meet is cause to celebrate as a reminder of why we advocate so hard for my son and others.

Im blessed to have a partner and step father to my son who embraces each day seamlessly and takes every new challenge in stride. He sold his home in NH where his business resides and moved to Massachusetts to be with us so as not to uproot my son from the stability he knows. Change and transitions are difficult for our son. He commutes over 160 miles daily to accommodate those needs without hesitation.

I selected the Mrs. International Pageant to compete in because at heart, we shared the same goals. A pageant built on integrity of who the person was inside. An organization that celebrates successful woman who are compassionate, strive to make a difference and advocate strongly for their platform they believe in. Autism is something close to our hearts and for my son and as a family, a complex disorder we struggle with every day.

We are a very active family and love to work out. We enjoy the gym, cycling, skiing, and love hiking in New Hampshire where my husband grew up. My son also loves mini-triathlons, something he learned through a treatment provider. Physical fitness and being healthy is an important part of our familys everyday life and something we try hard to instill in our son at a young age.

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