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Zereana Jess-Huff


Fun, fun, fun! We are a family that definitely knows how to have fun! Whether cracking up over my mullet queen photos or dressing up our one-eyed Yorkie Bentley in a pirate costume, one can always expect to leave our house laughing. From swinging on a hammock in a remote village in Puerto Rico, to biking through the villages of Versailles in France, international travel is on our agenda of fun!

We are a multi-cultural family and proudly celebrate my Filipino heritage. Some 60 years ago my grandfather came down the side of a mountain in search of a better way of life for his family. His legacy produced a multitude of generations scattered across the globe doing incredible things! I am especially proud to honor his commitment by becoming the first doctor in our family.

We are a family of faith and hope. At the young age of 32 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. In the beginning it was very lonely and frightening, but through God's grace an entire army of friends, family, and colleagues circled their wagons and wrapped us in complete and total love. Faith saw us through our darkest hours and our hope in God keeps us moving towards a better tomorrow.

Advocacy is our number one job! Our family honors cancer survivors by providing education and awareness. Whether speaking in Las Vegas at the National Ovarian Cancer Conference or hosting the National Race to End Women's Cancers in Washington DC, advocacy is our family affair, we aim to Break the Silence- End Ovarian Cancer. In 2016 our family is going global by working with Ovarian Cancer Action in the UK and Ovarian Cancer Australia!

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