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Lindsey Rossi


My husband is the absolute center of my world. He makes me a better person everyday and I love spending every free moment I get with him. I cannot imagine my life without him. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments. As a 4th generation physician, he will begin his fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery this summer. The oldest of 9 children, he is a protector and holds extremely high family values.

I was lucky to meet Michael in a doctors office, doing jobs we both love. It just happed that we were in the same office on the same day. We both share a passion for healthcare and helping patients, so we connected instantly. After dropping him my business card, he contacted me to have coffee. We then dated for 9 months, got engaged, and married a year later on the exact date we were engaged.

Together, Michael and I have two beautiful children, Gavin and Giavanna. Gavin is our 4- year old loveable, compassionate, gregarious son. He has a photographic memory and we cannot get anything past him. He is full of energy and love and wears his heart on his sleeve. He too shares the same passion for people and medicine. He says he wants to be a doctor like his daddy and cure cancer. I believe he will.

Giavanna is our 2-year-old fashionista daughter. She is known around Chicago for her adorable smile and her fashion forward style. Gia is a social butterfly who loves doing ballet, yoga, reading books and anything pink. We also recently discovered how much she loves the ocean and the beach! Although Gia is a very girly girl, she is very much a daddys girl!

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