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Heather Mallary-Orchard


What has prepared me in life is finding my purpose and having a passion to make a difference. My education has allowed me to fulfill both a passion and purpose. I graduated from BSU with my BAS in Public Relations and Communication with an AAS in Marketing Management from CWI. My professional experience as well as my Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving has allowed me to become a National Spokesperson for MADD.

I am a proud 4th generation Iroquois Native American. Their society serves as an outstanding example of political and military organization, complex lifestyle, and an elevated role of women. Some historians even attribute some aspects of the structure of the US Constitution to Iroquois ideas. In fact, one of America's greatest admirers of the Iroquois was none other than Benjamin Franklin.

My grandfather, Dale Cosgrove, served in the United States Army in Germany after WWII as a Military Police Officer. He also survived three heart attacks within a 5 month time period. It was by his third heart attack his heart went into failure. His heart was only beating at 20% of a normal heart beat. Eventually, his heart would not be strong enough to keep him alive. He passed away on April 26, 2002.

My brother, Matthew Mallary, was a captain on the Pennsylvania North Stars Cup Soccer Team, and was also a part of the Olympic Soccer Development Program. My family traveled to Europe in 2001, where my brother played cup soccer internationally. As a family we traveled to 38 States within the US, as well as 13 countries around the World. My family is huge supporters of traveling, education, culture, and history.

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