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Tiffany Ubele - 4th Runner-Up


I was born in a very small but rambunctious Italian family who loved to cook! My grandmother taught me how to make her most delicious and top secret recipes, which I will pass down to my Children We also enjoy the occasional cream puff fight at holiday dinners. My grandfather taught me the best technique to sneak up on your target and gain optimum coverage of the face with the cream puff.

My Husband Tim and I have been together for almost a decade and Married for 2 years. We met while I was on a lunch break and craving pizza. He just happened to be the man flipping the pizza dough that day. I guy that can make Pizza is an Italian girls dream. Every year on our anniversary we go to that same pizzeria and share a slice of cheese commemorate our first date.

Sharing a fascination with penguins made it that much easier to fall head of heels for my husband. We have had the amazing opportunity to pet a penguin and we adopted a penguin couple at our local zoo.

We have 2 fur babies that we rescued from local shelters, Princess and Ruby. Our girls are preparing us for the pitter patter of little human feet. We are both looking forward to being parents and showing unconditional love to the greatest gift that God could give us. It has been a tough journey for us so far but we live by the motto If at first you dont succeed, try, try again.

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