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The Accomplishments
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Mrs. Midwest International®

Jayne Black


1. For 6 years I have loved teaching families and children financial skills that directly impact their children's future. As an International Spokesperson for The Savings Fund, it is my passion to bring my Big Yellow Umbrella Campaign to children from needy families. In partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of America to teach money skills to children, I love living the clubs motto every day, which is: Invest in a child. Inspire a future.

2. After my mother became homeless in her 60s, I created Saving Smart for 5 Generations to impact every generation of women that hears her story, so that women will take more responsibility for their own financial future. I never could have dreamed this would have opened so many doors, allowing me to me become an international speaker and writer. I use each speaking and writing opportunity to help benefit other peoples lives.

3. My entire life, I have battled a learning disability; dyslexia. Determined not to allow this to hold me back, I worked even harder to accomplish all the goals I have set for myself. I hope to be an inspiration to other people who have this disability that with hard work, anything is possible and, I hope to be an example to my own children to never use the words I cant!

4. Go Red for Women is an organization that holds a special place in my heart because my mother died of stress-related heart disease. After 5 years of service within the organization, I became a board member and created a program in my mothers honor called Financial Fitness for the Heart, which educates women on the connection between financial stress and heart disease. My program is supported by the American Heart Association of Wisconsin.

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