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Angie Shilliday - Top Fifteen

People's Choice Award


1. I was raised in a family that values volunteerism and service, and I have carried those values into my adult life. I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and have traveled to Guatemala, Chile, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Cambodia to “help build houses and hope” for families trying to break the poverty cycle and gain financial independence. I look forward to traveling to continue my work with Habitat for Humanity.

2. My husband Lance and teenage sons Bret and Scot are my first priority. We believe in family above all else and we are in this adventure together. My family completely supports me in my role as Mrs. Canada and we look forward to the many opportunities for service, togetherness, and international cultural experiences that it will provide us as a family.

3. I crave fun and adventure, and I love to laugh. Over the years I have found myself with a number of unique opportunities that have resulted in me eating a tarantula, silk and meal worms, fire ants, and grasshoppers! I rarely turn down an adventure and I love to try new things. I believe that adventure and exploration are a natural part of being human and can result in amazing and memorable experiences.

4. I have faith in humanity and believe that there is good in the world. I see the goodness of humankind throughout my country and the world, and believe that humans are good by nature. Throughout my years of charity work and volunteering, I have seen hard work and selflessness bring out the best in people, banding together to better the lives of others for no personal gain.

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