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Brooke Westlake-Kelley


1. I believe in the power of the secret and having faith and positive thoughts to attract what you want in your life. I began practicing this method of thought over 5 years ago. Every person has their thoughts and ingredients for life and each person has the ability to think and vision what they want into their life.

2. I have a lot of pride in becoming a home owner. I grew up very poor living in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment, 800 square feet with 5 people. I feel very happy that my husband and I have been able to provide for my son with a home and childhood I never had. I hope he appreciates this one day when he is old enough to understand it.

3. I am extremely artistic. I loved art as a child. Part of this comes from earning a minor in college in Art, the other part of it is I believe that Art has been an outlet for me. I own my own photography business called BMW Photography opened (2008). I recently entered an art contest in Reno. It was called upcycle. I converted an old 1940s record player into modern day ipod, iphone, ipad player.

4. I became Vice President, Sales last year for Computerized Screening, Inc, after working for them for 4 years. CSI, as we call it (not the crime show) combines my background knowledge of Healthcare and Criminal Justice. We are a complete clinic in a kiosk with telehealth. I am very proud to be a part of something that is a new innovation product as well as a useful tool in healthcare.

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