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Rose Tibayan - Go Red On-Line Voting Winner


1. For more than a decade, I was a broadcast journalist. My career began when I snagged an exclusive interview with Imelda Marcos ― the exiled former first lady of the Philippines. Eventually, I worked in Guam, Ft. Myers, New York City, and Philadelphia. Today, I am the CEO/Founder of 'Blackline Review,' An award-winning online business publication covering technology and ventures. I also co-anchor a weekly business magazine show at a technology incubator.

2. Both my parents died, eight months apart, in 2010. They had grown older, but we had not expected them to leave us so soon. I now tell friends how important it is to reach out to their elderly love ones, visit often, show love, and amend bad feelings from the past. My platform ― spreading awareness about the treatable dementia called Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) ― is dedicated to my father, who unknowingly suffered with it.

3. Volunteering began at a young age. I taught arts and crafts, worked Christmas bazaars, and collected funds for various causes. Today, volunteer leadership roles include managing fundraisers, speaking on panels, and media relations for established non-profits. Recently, I helped to manage the logistics to ship, with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Defense, more than 64 tons of relief goods, gathered by 500 Chicago volunteers, to typhoon-affected areas in the Philippines.

5. I have a passionate love for animals ― of all kinds! I feel that good animal owners are very special people to be able to extend their homes, give proper care, and take on the financial responsibilities of adopting a beloved pet. It's also encouraging and exciting to see that, more and more, people worldwide are rallying to the causes of animals. Animals need us to speak on their behalf.

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