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Zunera Mazhar


1. My life’s mission is public service. When I moved to US I was blessed to have shelter over my head and pursue higher education. Although I had an extremely successful career I knew in my heart that my passion is public service. So, I left my executive leadership position to pursue public service with Refugee & Asylee’s at USCIS where I work every day to empower and provide shelter to people.

2. Gratitude keeps me going. My life has been filled with challenges from moving to different continent to dealing with near-death experience of my 8month old daughter when she suffered an anaphylactic shock and was hospitalized for several days. Ever since then she has battled severe asthma and allergies which require frequent visits to hospital but it’s the gratitude for all the wonderful times that we’ve had that gives me the strength to keep moving forward.

3. I speak three different languages fluently. Coming from a diverse background and knowing different languages has allowed me to connect with so many people. It has been tremendously helpful for my volunteer work too because I meet so many people from very diverse backgrounds.

4. Growing up I had a complex that I am not beautiful because in Pakistan being fair is the standard of beauty. I was darker than most girls around me and was made fun of on a regular basis So, I struggled with being confident. It took a lot of help from friends and family and self-realization to accept myself as is and not to fall victim of others definition of beautiful.

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