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The Accomplishments
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Mrs. New Zealand International®

Elena Turner


1. At 45 years old I competed and won my first beauty competition as Mrs New Zealand. Its exciting to represent on the International stage at Mrs International. I immigrated to New Zealand from Russia 17 years ago. I still have my Russian accent, it does not hinder me however, as people find it appealing. New Zealand is a young Nation and has many accents all getting along in a far flung corner of the globe.

2. I was an executive senior economist. I found it increasingly hard to give my children and my job the quality time required. I now teach advanced Mathematics at Secondary level in Auckland, my home city known affectionately as the city of sails. I engage in humour to support my teaching technique. I like to speak in their teenage style Kids respect me and enjoy my lessons, as a result together we produce great academic achievements.

3. My charity is the New Zealand branch of the Red Cross. This organisation is represented in 189 countries and involves itself in many programmes, such as the well-known Disaster First Response Units, Refugee Services, Post-disaster recovery programme, First Aid courses, Meals on Wheels and many other programmes. I am an Ambassador for the New Zealand Red Cross and am honoured to use this opportunity to speak on the International stage about this great Charity.

4. My family: Harry (15), Daniel (13) are playing Rugby Union, Cricket, Basketball, Snowboarding and Skateboarding. Chelsea (18) is a trained makeup artist for television, stage shows and movie special effects. Katrina (24) produces and directs her own popular pageant Miss Bikini New Zealand. She is my main coach for my Mrs International. My husband Alastair has a selfless desire for me to succeed in all areas of my life, best supporter and my true love.

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