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Arthy Saravanan


1. I am a doctor by profession, a mother and wife by blessing. I maintain work-life balance by being committed to the task at hand. I cherish the moments spent with my family and try not to bring work-related issues home, and vice-versa. I love the fact that putting on a white coat transforms me from a stranger into a patients best friend and I can be confided upon for a vast array of issues.

2. Dancing is my passion. I am a professionally trained Indian Classical Dancer for over 10 years. I continue performing in cultural shows and festivals around the community. I have found a way of incorporating my passion for dancing and serving the community by being a volunteer Bollywood Zumba instructor at the YMCA. I love teaching people India-inspired dance and incorporating it into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is the best of both worlds!

3. I believe in fitness being fun. I enjoy running and in fact ran my first half-marathon only 3 months after delivering my baby. I am also an avid badminton player. I have played competitively in several intercity and state level tournaments both at singles and doubles games, partnering with my husband. Badminton is a sport that we both enjoy and share in common.

4. I am inspired by cultural intelligence. I appreciate that people come from different backgrounds and believe that this is what makes the world interesting. I love traveling and learning about people and new cultures. I have lived in 4 different countries and visited over 20. I was raised with strong values, and traditions, and love learning about others upbringing. I embrace the fact that our society is a cultural melting pot!

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