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Dana Wessel - Top Fifteen


1. My journey as a mentor began when I was a child growing up in an unstable environment. Feeling alone, scared and unsure was normal and soon entered into feelings of rejection not only within my home but the world. Thank goodness for that "ONE" person who stepped up and mentored me. I was encouraged and given hope, but most importantly I was simply loved without expecting anything in return. Mentoring from the Heart was born.

2. Something you may not know, I enjoy organizing, cleaning and getting rid of clutter. Yes, I have clients that pay me to do something I love! What a great way to impact families and give them more time to spend together. I know as a mother, wife and educator time is precious. I dont mind getting a little dirty if that means bringing blessings to people when they walk into a clean and organized home.

3. Child development is a passion of mine. Right out of high school I got involved working at a development center. It didn't take long to grow fond of the profession, and develop a hunger to learn and grow more in this field. I began to take classes every year, learning first aid, CPR and not to mention making the presidents list with a 4.0 GPA. What an honor to serve the children and their families.

4. My family is unique in one way because we strive and understand the need for daily communication and the essence of loving one another. We believe we are a unit and where one of us may be weak in one area, someone else has the strength to bring us together as a group. As parents, we show our children that communicating and working through life is the solution. The journey is what creates the story.

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