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Lailani Gatdula-Llanto

People's Choice Award

1.Tell us a funny story about a date night out with your husband.
I love the word "EMPOWERMENT" - It's breaking the personal limitation with regards to self decision regarding education, mobility, political participation, economic, independency, public speaking, awareness & exercise of rights.

2.What are the (2) most important things in your kitchen and why?
I enjoyed watching "700 Club" - A program dedicated to bring uplifted stories much more from Christian perspective. Every time I watch the show it enrich my soul and keeps me humble. Throughout all my years what kept me grounded is my spirituality.

3.What do people assume about you that isn’t true?
I am a self-confessed " BAGAHOLIC" . If sports cars and luxury motorbikes is men’s passion, then I can say that it’s synonymous to women’s passion for designer bags. I have this obsessive love addiction on bags. It gave me so much happiness and it is also my stress reliever.

4.Tell us a time you demonstrated leadership skills.
"A calm sea never made a skillful sailor"...It means adversities and trials is part of our journey...a journey that we called LIFE. If everything comes easy and smooth sailing, we will never learn to deal with disaster when they inevitably arrive.

5.If you had no fear, what would you try?
I love Sunday - It is a special day for the family. We usually go to the church and pray together. And this is the day were I do my assessment and planning for the next productive week.

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