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Laura Ferguson

People's Choice Award

1.Tell us a funny story about a date night out with your husband.
Dream is my favorite word because it is what drives me to make a difference, it is what helps me set goals and it is what makes me strive for better. As long as I am chasing my dreams I know that I will live a very fulfilling life.

2.What are the (2) most important things in your kitchen and why?
"General Hospital" has to be my most anticipated program to watch. My love for soap operas has trickled down through my family and I love discussing the happenings in Port Charles with my co-workers. I figure I can watch the drama instead of having it in my own life.

3.What do people assume about you that isn’t true?
My husband would say that my worst habit is planning. I always am a few steps ahead of anything I am trying to accomplish. Having a plan for a plan is a way to help me achieve my long term goals.

4.Tell us a time you demonstrated leadership skills.
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" said by Eleanor Roosevelt. It is a statement of strength and self confidence. Meaning only you can decide how to cope with negative criticism. I have held myself to this high standard throughout the years.

5.If you had no fear, what would you try?
Sunday because it’s the only day my husband and I really get to spend together. It starts out by spending time with the horses, then working on projects around the yard and house and finishes with a girl’s movie night with friends where my husband is quite the host.

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