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Tina Pulley

1.When you hear the saying "be the change" what comes to your mind first?
Hi! Opens the door to enter someone elses world & meet them where they are at. So many people look down or look away but when you say a simple hi, their countenance changes. It gives them hope, sends some love and opens up their life to a smile.

2.How would you describe your husband?
Bodies in Motion is my favorite show. I am passionate about helping people live healthy sustainable lives. I have watched it since I was a little girl. At a young age, this show inspired me to begin creating my own fitness videos.

3.If you could revisit one memory as a child in your mind, what would it be and why?
Being overly optimistic. I learned that being positive does not mean ignoring the negative. That being positive means overcoming the negative. By putting my faith in Christ and trusting that He has a plan allows my joyful, genuine, lovable self to shine through no matter what life brings.

4.How would someone describe you when you were in high school?
As Mother Teresa said, We should realize that poverty doesnt only consist in being hungry for bread, but rather it is a tremendous hunger for human dignity. We need to love and to be somebody for someone else. This quote embodies who I am and my desires in celebrating life!

5.If money did not matter.. what would you buy for your husband and why?
Sunday is my favorite day. For my family, this day is all about rest, renewal and preparation. Start with Yoga & quiet time, church and lunch with family, then rest. At 5pm, we make cookies and have a family meeting to prepare for upcoming week events. We love this tradition.

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