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Deborah Ashton-Cooke - Top 10

1.When you hear the saying "be the change" what comes to your mind first?
Aside from my husband and stepson who give me daily pride and joy, I am most proud that I am the first woman in my entire familys history to own and operate her own business! My experience in marketing and PR have been priceless in promoting my title and platform!

2.How would you describe your husband?
My hero is my baby brother. He just retired from the USAF, wherein he flew in every desert action since Desert Storm. He is not only an exceptional pilot, but an even better Dad. He teaches his daughters what we were taught, work hard, believe, achieve. Scott, I salute you!

3.If you could revisit one memory as a child in your mind, what would it be and why?
I prize most my health and that of my family and friends. Money will come and go throughout ones life. Things can be replaced. However, your health is a gift that once gone cannot be regained. It is a true blessing.

4.How would someone describe you when you were in high school?
Adorablewhich in and of itself is hilarious! My husband and I have a long standing joke between us! When things may be going momentarily awry he will call me that and the World seems to go right back to right!

5.If money did not matter.. what would you buy for your husband and why?
With the exception of April 15, I would have to name Spring as my favorite! Its all about new beginnings! Everything is refreshed, re-born and we have a whole new World of opportunities! Optimism soars and love is in the air!

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